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3 DOs and 1 DON'T: Meal prep edition

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Restaurant meals are great and all, but have you ever tried standing over a hot stove for six hours, with cauliflower flying everywhere and sauce splattered in places you can't even reach?

No? Just me?

OK, so meal prepping is not that dramatic (save for the cauliflower flying everywhere). But it is involved and labor intensive, which, I admit, can be intimidating. So, to make the process a little less daunting, I whipped together 3 DOs and 1 DON'T for a successful meal prep.

The following four tips will help you come up with a weekly practice that, although elaborate, is more fun than it is cumbersome (cue Seven Mary Three).

1. DO... use what you have

  • Take an inventory of your groceries—write down which produce and pantry items are near expiration.

  • Find recipes or sample prep menus that involve most, if not all, of those foods.

  • Buy any additional ingredients you may need for your prep recipes.

2. DO... plan a week ahead

  • Decide on your meal prep menu a week before your designated prep day.

  • Give yourself time to look for recipes, buy ingredients, make modifications, and finalize dishes.

  • Build a "rolodex" of recipes you can make easily in case you need to change your menu last minute.

3. DO... stick to a routine

  • Pick a day and block of time for prep (like Sunday, 4pm - 8pm).

  • Determine what you’ll prep each week—full recipes, bulk ingredients, mix of both.

  • Stay organized—track menus in a weekly planner, have a set grocery list, keep prep containers separate.

4. DON'T... be afraid to get creative with food

  • Go outside of your comfort zone with flavors, textures, and colors.

  • Challenge yourself to try new dishes and cuisines or explore new food combinations.

  • Think beyond the baking dish—sure, casseroles are quick to make, but they can get boring easily.

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