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"I met Annamarya at a challenging time in my weightlifting journey. I had reached a plateau in my body weight and weightlifting gains. And my blood tests were showing a decrease in my kidney function. I only have one kidney, so I was convinced that I would never be able to transform my body the way I wanted to. Annamarya alleviated all of my concerns on our very first call. She carefully went through the science of muscle-building and kidney function. She explained how it’s possible to build muscle despite having to be on a low-protein and low-sodium diet. I have since completed three 3-month bulking programs with her. I have gained 20 pounds during this time( most of it muscle), all while lifting fewer days a week than I was before. And my kidney function remains unaffected. Our conversations have also shifted my perceptions of what the male body should look like. I feel better about my body than I ever have, both physically and mentally. Annamarya has given me the confidence that with each month, I am closer to achieving the body I have always wanted." - Raul C., 40, California

Did the pull workout yesterday,it was excellent overall! Felt really good. Hadn't done barbell bent over rows and facepulls in quite some time and the feeling was very refreshing. Got a nice overall back pump that I hadn't felt in a while. Also really liked the close grip pulldown (performed slightly narrower than shoulder width). The blood flow and the stretch I'm getting from this workout is amazing. You've hit a sweet spot with the exercises and the order. The db pullover at the end is the icing on the cake. - Aris A., Greece

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